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Start: SC439 834


The race will start on Laxey Promenade, outside Curlew Cottage. The first “waypoint” is the sea itself. The contestants should put a hand (or more!) in the water, in order to truly claim the Sea-to-Summit. This can be anywhere along Laxey Beach.


Return to the Prom and continue north. Turn left along Tent Road, passing the Harbour. At the end turn right and right again by the Mona Lisa Restaurant. Continue up Minorca Hill to the junction at Ramsey Road. This is crossed (under the instruction of the marshalls) and continue towards Ballaragh.


After just 50meters, at the right going bend, turn left on the track. Follow this for 1.5km, passing the small plantation on you left.


Continue ON THE FOOTPATH between the fields, until the stile and moorland. After this point the route is not prescribed and it is up to you to decide the best path.

Control point 1: SC437 879 Summit Slieau Ouyr


The punch will be located next to the cairn on the eastern side of the summit plateau.

Control point 2: SC419 883 Gully below Clagh Ouyr.


The punch will be in the gully, where the path coming up from the mine buildings crosses the gully and the streams join. This path is vague close up, but obvious on the approach.

Control point 3: SC414 889 Summit of Clagh Ouyr


The punch will be next to the cairn on the true summit; not the subsidiary summit to the South.

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Road Crossing :  SC405 885 Black Hut


This crossing point is obligatory. Race numbers will be recorded. This is the TT course and traffic is moving very quickly. Cross only when you are told it is safe to do so by the marshals.

Finish:  SC397 880 Summit of Snaefell


The finish will be by the buildings, just beyond the trig point.


THE ROUTE: 10.2km 950m ascent