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Why this route?


This route is appropriate on a number of levels:




For much of her time on the Isle of Man, Kate lived in Curlew Cottage on Laxey Promenade. The view out to sea every morning, with the Lake District in the background, was a source of energy and inspiration. If you take time to notice, it’s a kaleidoscope, but always beautiful.


Kate moved ‘up the hill’ to Agneash in the spring of 2013. The hills above, that hosted her regular forays, are incorporated into the route. They formed the backdrop of her last year. She achieved an inner peace, with the sun setting behind Cronk-y-Vaare.


Kate’s preference


Kate was never a believer of her downhill abilities, although these greatly improved with the reluctant discovery of contact lenses! She talked about a summit finish as the type of race most suited to her. She was a grinder not a sprinter.


And deeper?


Metaphorical justification is rich. A journey from the Sea to the Summit could represent:

  • the struggle to establish yourself as  an individual.

  • growing, developing your mind, soul and spirit to the highest point attainable, at which point your work is done!

  • The destination is not as important as how you go about the journey.


It will be hard....good....that means it's worthwhile.


The Route Map