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The Isle of Man

 'Ellan Vannin'


In the Irish Sea, equal distance from the shores of Scotland, Ireland and England, the Isle of Man measures just 32 miles long and 16 miles wide and has an ancient history and tradition. It is independent of the United Kingdom with its own Government, currency, stamps and language.

Perhaps it is most known for the Isle of Man TT motorcycle races, the renowned annual 37 ¾ mile road racing festival. But there is more to the island than motorcycles, kippers and cats with short tails.

As a perfect destination for families seeking a break, couples looking for a retreat or those looking to kick start some adrenaline, the Isle of Man is somewhat an all-rounder.

For those after a less energetic experience, the Isle of Man has 18 National Glens and, all of which are places of peace and tranquillity. The coastal glens lead to sandy beaches, while the mountain glens have rivers, streams, and waterfalls. Most have splendid woodland and lovely wildflowers - particularly so in spring.

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