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Arrangements on the day




Registration will occur on Friday 13/7/2018 from 5:30 to 8pm and Saturday (race day) (Women 9-11, Men 9-12) in the Laxey Sailing Clubhouse (443837). If you can make it on Friday, that would be appreciated. This is on Tent Road, opposite the harbour (IM4 7DB). All competitors will need to attend registration. Race numbers will be pre-allocated. Remember to bring 4 safety pins. A random portion of entrants will have their safety equipment checked (see Rules page) so bring your full kit, even if you're registering on Friday.

If at all possible, we encourage people to register on the Friday.


Kit Checks


There will be random kit checks before the start at registration. In addition, there will be random kit checks at the finish.




Toilets and limited changing areas are available in the Clubhouse. There are public toilets in the small building on the inner harbour wall and at the far end of the Promenade.




Women's start 12noon, Mens start 1pm. Make sure you are at the start 20 minutes beforehand for a final safety briefing and numbers register.




There will be various race parking areas in Laxey (details to be announced). However these will be in demand, so if you can share lifts or used public transport that will be appreciated.




Spectator areas will be marked on the prom. 15 minutes after each race start (i.e. 12:15 and 13:15) a bus will leave Laxey prom to take spectators up to the Bungalow, from where spectators can watch the runners or make the short walk (about 20 mins, quite steep) to finish. The Mountain Road will be closed from 12:30 to 4pm. So there may be a delay as the driver gets permission to transit the closed road. Alternatively spectators can travel to the summit by tram from Laxey station.

We discourage driving due to the road closure and limited parking. If you do drive you will need to go via Ramsey, Sulby and the Tholt-y-will Road. Note: it is an oofence to stray on closed roads, in a vehicle or on foot.


Return to Laxey


Trams will be available to bring runners (and supporters) back to Laxey. This is a fantastic part of island heritage straight out of Chigley. Built in 1895, it affords open views across the valley to the hills of your recent toils. (More information here). Your race number qualifies you for a free ride back to Laxey (you've earnt it!). You may have to wait for a tram to arrive, but hopefully no more than half an hour. The (warm) cafe will be open.

If the trams are overwhelmed by numbers, there will be buses at Bungalow (with heaters on if it's cold!). Make your way back down and show the driver your number. Once there is a bus load the driver will have to wait for permission to transit the closed mountain road. This will be 30 minutes maximum. Alternatively you could jog back via Agneash. Note: You will not be able to cross at Black Hut during the road closure.



There will be live music, artisan foods and drink on the Green, Laxey Prom from 1:30 to 10pm. The local brewer Hooded Ram will be selling their wares, as well as Proseco, Apple Orphanage apple juice and cider. Entrance is free to competitors. A donation from others would be appreciated (but not necessary).


Awards will take place mainstage from 5pm

Download instructions to competitors