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The Kate Burge Sea to Summit race will be run under FRA rules and covered by their insurance. Competitors should familiarise themselves with these rules before the event in order to understand their responsibilities.

Category: AM


This category makes it a requirement of runners to carry minimum safety equipment in order to be eligible to compete. This includes a full set of waterproofs (from head to ankles), hat, gloves, map, compass and whistle. Equipment will be checked at registration. It is for your safety; don’t skimp!


Skills & experience: ER, PM, LK, NS


This stands for Experience Required, Partially Marked, Local Knowledge beneficial, and Navigation Skills.


The route is largely in fell terrain, up to the highest point on the Isle of Man. The weather can change rapidly, with possible clag (locally referred to as Mannanan’s Cloak) reducing visibility. Competitors should feel confident that they can deal with this.


Route Specifics


Marshals will direct you on the road sections.

•Stay to the left going up Minorca Hill.

•Do not cross Ramsey Road, or the Mountain Road at Black Hut, until you are told it is safe to do so. You are responsible for your own safety.




Anybody retiring should tell a marshal and hand him, or her, their number, as soon as possible. Alternatively they should inform the race organiser. Search parties won’t thank you if you don’t!




Familiarise yourself with the FRA advise on hypothermia here.