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Kate came to the Isle of Man three years ago and worked as a Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist at Noble’s Hospital.


She was tragically killed while cycling home from work on 4 August 2014. The shock of her death has been widely felt on the Island, especially given the short time she has been here.


Kate would be surprised and embarrassed by the fuss.


The impact her death has had is a reflection on Kate Burge as a person. Her qualities and how she interacted with others. Kate was interested in people. Concerned, charitable and celebratory. She was the first to congratulate the achievements of others, whilst being so modest about hers. She found the best in others and saw no humour in misfortune. She had a strong sense of right and wrong, and unleashed an acerbic tongue when needed. But there were never any grudges; always forgiving. She was fiercely intelligent, yet humble and self-effacing.


Forever enthusiastic, Kate had a joy of life and a ready, witty aside.


And that’s the nub of it for those touched by Kate. Whilst we are oh so tempted by sadness, it is more relevant to feel privilege and enriched that she was part of our lives. We have a lot to learn from Kate.


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Kate's joy of movement; of all things physical, was undeniable. When injury allowed her, this was most obvious fell running. Few knew about her national and international achievements in running, dualthlon and triathlon. Find out more here. 


However it was more archetyple than pure sport; walking in the clag, climbing a tree, simply getting out of breath. Kate loved to interact with her environment.

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