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Links to flight providers:






















Flights are considerably cheaper if you book early.

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Link to ferry company:









Again, fares are cheaper if booked earlier. It can be very expensive if you're travelling with a car and don't book unitl the last minute.

For foot passengers, there is a little publicized but much cheaper option called "Rail-Sail". It is not available on-line, but must be booked at a railway ticket office or ferry sea-terminal.

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Accomodation in Laxey, and local information, can be found on the Laxey Village Commissioners site. Link:












Camping is available in Laxey. It is due to close for the season in September, but the warden is happy to open if there's call for it. Contact John Bates 07624499281


More general information (including accomodation) can be found on the Isle of Man tourism site; Visit the Isle of Man. Link:

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